Exporting to the UK for carriers, after Brexit

Brexolution lets carriers like you easily create export declarations in minutes and produce the appropriate export trade documents necessary for shipment of your goods to the United Kingdom (UK). Invest in what you do best. Let our portal assist you in your cross-border trade and comply with new customs regulations between the European Union (EU) and UK.

Beat the queues, save on costs.

You are the carrier of the goods moving from the EU to the UK. customs procedures have changed because of the no deal Brexit. Now you have to complete an export declaration for Customs and be able to produce the appropriate export trade documents during transport. Make sure all the documents are available upfront to clear customs smoothly, avoid delays, keep transit times transparent, and make sure rates and additional surcharges are updated. Especially if you are an express courier or a haulage company.

Get your export documents in an instant

Our Brexit portal allows you to easily create export declarations in minutes and produce the appropriate export trade documents necessary for shipment of clients’ goods to the UK.

Best of all, you don’t need to have any knowledge about customs regulations in the EU countries and/or regulations in the UK. The technology behind the Brexit portal is packed with our 175+ years of experience in customs and trade control.


  • Export declarations in minutes
  • No customs training required
  • Organise export documents in one centralized place
  • Get notified of customs clearance delays immediately
  • Fully compliant
  • Save on costs and time

Export declaration made easy

Don’t worry about all the mandatory parts in customs declarations and other rules issued by authorities.

  1. Just pick the consignee
  2. Add products – all available in your account’s library
  3. Enter product quantity & value of the goods and press the send button!

It’s that simple.

Our Brexolution portal takes care of the rest. In just a few minutes you’ll get confirmation about the clearance status of your customs declaration. Once the goods have actually left the EU, you will automatically receive a Confirmation of Exit. An important piece of information, which gives your the right to exemption from VAT on exports.

Partners import declaration UK after Brexit

Ensuring smooth cross-border trade

We have partnered with independent, UK based customs brokers to complete the customs declaration in the UK too.

Depending on which Incoterms conditions you’ve negotiated with your customer, you must declare your EU goods to the UK Customs too.

Just give your consent to use the data in your export filing and the import declaration for UK Customs is created automatically.

That’s how you beat the queues and ensure smooth cross-border trade.

Don't let Brexit get in your way

After Brexit, the UK wil no longer be part of the Customs Union and can have a huge impact on your customs and trade control performance. We can help you understand and reduce the risks involved. Or simply explain Brexit in plain language to you. Our legal & compliance consultants are here to help you.

4 steps
to getting started

Dealing with customs can add administrative burden to your international trade. That’s why we offer a worry-free Brexit solution to support your business. Get started and save time and money.

1. Onboarding request

After you’ve send us a request, one of our onboarding agents will contact you to get things moving.

2. Verification process

Now we need to check some details about your company and trade flows in order to get your onboarding approved.

3. Account setup

Your dedicated customs expert makes sure all products get the right classification code and uploads all necessary data to your library.

4. Get started

Now you can log in and get familiar with our portal or start creating your first export document immediately.

We are there for you
when you need us most

Whether you’re new to the Brexolution portal, or you need expert advice on how to smooth your customs processes, our support team is always on hand. We don’t just show you how to use our portal. We use our experience to get your goods through customs and help you get the most out of your exports to the UK trough our Brexolution portal.

Talk to an in-house
solutions expert

High volume, high variety transportation of goods

We have customized solutions to best suit your needs and much more.

If you regularly transport large quantities of goods between the EU and the UK, we can help you with a tailored solution. We can increase the efficiency and speed of your customs transactions. Thanks to our inhouse IT department automatic data exchange is easy and safe. Your logistical software or warehouse systems can be easily connected to our e-customs system. Find out how.