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Are you regularly sending your goods from inside the European Union to the United Kingdom? Brexit will become effective soon. From that day on you’ll have to declare your exports to customs. You can easily do this yourself the minute you need it. Of course we can do the job for you, but with help of our Brexit portal you save time and money with just a couple of clicks. It’s that easy.


Are you sending your goods to the UK?
We've got you covered! Easily submit export declarations yourself or let your carrier do the customs formalities on your behalf on our portal.


Are you responsible for importing the goods in the UK too?
You're in luck! We have partnered with UK based customs brokers to get your goods imported and moving inside the UK. All from the same portal.

A digital solution
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Export filing has never been simpler
We take the complexity out of getting your goods from the EU to the UK. Our Brexit portal acts as a single source for all your customs documentation – from packaging list to mandatory certificates – so you never lose track of your paperwork. But most of all, it’s simple and easy to use. You can organize your business while we take care of the customs declaration process.

Generate export documents in a few clicks

Add products and quantity info to your new customs declaration, select your buyer (consignee) and contact people. Now you only have to press the send button and wait a few minutes to get customs clearance.* It’s all done in an intuitive interface that makes recurrent export declaration filing easy.

*You are notified immediately if goods are to be inspected by Customs. We have no influence on their decision.

Build-in intelligence

With our intuitive portal there is no need to re-enter data that’s already available. Your customs declaration is automatically being prepopulated. The portal is powered by intelligent questioning and makes sure all relevant export documents & certificates like (phyto)sanitary and proof of origin are included. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Always the right customs value

When moving goods from EU countries to the UK, you need to get a commodity code, and in some cases pay VAT and import duty. Thanks to our automated rule-based product classification you don’t have to worry about finding the right customs code and valuation of the customs value of goods. Should customs rules or trade relations change your product classification will be revised by our team of experts. You can’t go wrong.

Worry-free exporting of all types of goods

Gaston Schul has over 175 years of experience in customs and trade control. So don’t worry about customs knowledge and compliance. Our team of experts is there to support you in every step of your customs process.

All of our features

Here are a many of the reasons why Brexolution is your #1 choice for managing your export & import customs declarations.
  • Intuitive export declaration workflow
  • Automatic rule-based product classification
  • Knowledge about customs clearance processes integrated
  • Autocomplete export declarations
  • Easy article database management
  • Manage principals and consignees from your address book
  • Dashboard monitoring
  • Status alerts about customs clearance progress
  • Human support from our customs experts

High volume, high variety transportation of goods

We have customized solutions to best suit your needs and much more.

If you regularly transport large quantities of goods between the EU and the UK, we can help you with a tailored solution. We can increase the efficiency and speed of your customs transactions. Thanks to our inhouse IT department automatic data exchange is easy and safe. Your logistical software or warehouse systems can be easily connected to our e-customs system. Find out how.

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