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Whatever trade conditions apply, Brexolution’s customs portal removes all the hassles of customs obligations when exporting & importing to the UK, and lets you get back to doing your best work.

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Get access to your account and generate export declarations in minutes. Then monitor the whole process from the comfort of your couch; wherever you are, whatever time.

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Your dashboard shows the status of your export declaration. Always be up to date with alerts and know exactly when your goods are ready to cross the UK border. You can even use the readily available export data to generate UK import declarations too.

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Gaston Schul has over 175 years of experience in customs and trade control. So don’t worry about customs knowledge and compliance. Our team of experts is there to support you in every step of your customs process.

High volume, high variety transportation of goods

We have customized solutions to best suit your needs and much more.

If you regularly transport large quantities of goods between the EU and the UK, we can help you with a tailored solution. We can increase the efficiency and speed of your customs transactions. Thanks to our inhouse IT department automatic data exchange is easy and safe. Your logistical software or warehouse systems can be easily connected to our e-customs system. Find out how.


Most frequent questions and answers

You must declare goods to Customs if you export goods to a country outside the EU. Customs will calculate the export duty. Customs will also decide whether any other Customs regulations are applicable (e.g. safety, health, and trade barriers). Submitting an export declaration to Customs is also known as ‘export filing’. We prefer to use the term export declaration.

Do you trade with the UK? Since the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October 2019,  chances are these customs formalities will apply to you too. Luckely you don’t need to be a customs export to submit an export declaration. Thanks to Brexolution export filing is quick and easy do-it-yourself.

An export declaration for Customs is an official document that lists and gives details of goods that are being exported. This document is also referred to as EX-A customs document.

International trade involves quite a few other documents. Which additional export trade documents are needed, depends on factors like product, destination country, and chosen means of transport. Your importer in the UK might require Documents of Origin (e.g. Certificate of Origin or a health certificate). We can help you get the appropriate export trade documents necesarry for shipment of your goods to the UK.

Monitoring the exit of the goods is done by the customs office of departure, and must be located in the same country and region where the goods leave the customs territory of the EU.

If your goods 1) leave the customs territory of the EU from the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany* and 2) the export destination is the UK**, our export declaration portal is a perfect match. It means we are an AEO-certified & authorised agent in these regions and can take care of your customs filing on your behalf.

* Exact date to be announced.

** Do you want to know when other third countries will also be available via the portal? Sign up for our newsletter.

We kept our service plan as transparent as we could. We offer a pay-per-use* pricing model. So don’t worry about maintenance costs.

Additionaly we charge a one-time setup fee, including basic staff training.

* Volume discount may apply.